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According to IMF’s recently released “World Economic Outlook” 10 of the 20 fastest growing economies of the world are found in Sub Sahara Africa. Five of these ten economies rely on gas or oil as key export, foreign exchange and economic growth and sustainability. According to the “Center for Strategic and International Studies”, an exceptional mix of US interests is at play in the Gulf of Guinea.

The Gulf of Guinea( runs from Guinea on Africa’s northwestern tip to Angola in the south and includes Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo) will play an increasing role in global energy markets.

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“The National Intelligence Council” (an internal CIA think tank) predicted that the region will provide 25% of North American oil imports by 2015. That will put Africa well ahead of Saudi Arabia as a source of oil for the United States.

However, these developments have not translated into economic regeneration, poverty alleviation, social equity and the improvement in the quality of life of Sub-Sahara’s citizenry..

Economy    - Africa is experiencing a renaissance much like China 30 years ago and India 20 years ago. Expected annual economic growth rate of 8% between 2014 – 2018      Energy   – Estimated oil and gas reserves in Africa is 215 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE)       Empowerment   – We are a medium between the expression of creativity and real things that touch people's lives'. Bridging the gap in local capacity across Africa . Empowering local professionals on a global platform      Environment - We encourage and seek out innovative ideas, emerging technologies and best practices for an environmentally disciplined energy platform "

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